Tourist Attractions in Thessaloniki

Once passengers arrive at Thessaloniki Airport in Greece, they are only a short drive away from many unique and wonderful places to discover and breathtaking attractions to explore. Greece is an interesting country where you can experience many fun, unique, and inspiring tours.

Below we have gathered a great selection of recommended tours for you and your travel companion(s) in and around Thessaloniki. We hope you will be inspired to go on some great, fun, memorable, and wonderful tours.

Thessaloniki: Classic Sightseeing Tour with Driver

Is it your first time visiting Thessaloniki? If so, we highly recommend you to go on this tour; “Thessaloniki: Classic Sightseeing Tour with Driver”. This is a classic city tour where you will be driven around to seven hot spots in the city center of Thessaloniki. Among others, you will get to see the White Tower, Agia Sofia, the Archaeological Museum, and Agios Dimitrios with a professional driver.

On this traditional sightseeing tour, you will be picked up at your hotel. Then your driver will first take you to the White Tower, which is the main landmark of the city. Afterward, your driver will take you to the Archaeological Museum, and Agia Sofia. Here you will also discover Agios Dimitrios, which is the Byzantine church and its crypt. You will get the chance to climb up the hill to see the Byzantine castles - make sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

Next, it is time to explore the descending city walls, also known as the Acropolis. Following, you will pass the Galerius Arch (Kamara), the Aristotelous Square, and the Port of Thessaloniki. This will be your last stop before finally returning to the White Tower.

Please also be aware that if you have any personal preference of sights to see this can also be arranged. Just ask when making the booking, and the tour can be adjusted to fit a personal program just for you.

Thessaloniki: 3-Hour Sightseeing Sailing Trip with Snacks

Another fun way to discover all that Thessaloniki has to offer is by going on this “Thessaloniki: 3-Hour Sightseeing Sailing Trip with Snacks”. On this magical 3-hour sailing cruise you get the chance to discover the wonders of Thessaloniki and soak up stunning views of the coastline. Furthermore, you can admire historical monuments from a new perspective, and taste regional specialties and Greek wine. This is a time to make unforgettable memories.

With this tour, you can leave the busy city behind and spend a day surrounded by beautiful water for up to 3 hours. You will meet your friendly crew at 11:00 am and hop on the boat at the Port of Kalamaria. Here you can make yourself comfortable before setting sail into the Thermaikos Gulf. Ahead of you is a day of adventure and relaxation.

While you are sitting comfortably in the boat you can admire an array of iconic monuments from a new perspective. At the same time, you will listen to your guide who shares insight about the local history and urban myths. Once you are halfway through the tour, there will be a break from sightseeing as it is time to get something to eat. You will be served a sequence of traditional Greek mezze dishes and Greek wine or tsipouro.

When you have finished lunch, you can once again sit back and relax as the journey continues. This is your chance to admire stunning views of the coastline and soak up the calm atmosphere at sea. Then you will begin the return journey to the port, where your trip ends.

This will be a unique chance to discover Thessaloniki from the seaside.

Meteora and Kalambaka: Day Trip from Thessaloniki

If you have more than just a few days to discover Thessaloniki, we suggest that you spend some time in the nearby surroundings. One suggestion would be to go on this tour; “Meteora and Kalambaka Day Trip from Thessaloniki”.

This is a 9 hour tour that starts at 8:00 am, where you will be picked up at your hotel and then you are ready to go explore Meteora. This is a mountain range formed by enormous sandstone rocks that rise above the small town of Kalambaka. The six monasteries are built on natural conglomerate pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly, which is located near the Pineios River and Pindus Mountains in central Greece.

Meteora is an area in Thessaly in central Greece and located approximately 258 kilometers from Thessaloniki. The rock towers of Meteora are even a UNESCO World Heritage site. The journey from the Thessaloniki city center to Meteora takes about 3 hours. Once you reach your destination you will visit 2 main monasteries of Meteora and discover the natural beauty. You will also be able to explore the cultural heritage of this area.

This is a tour, which will take you back to the dark ages and the story of the first hermits and monks. They were the ones who laid the foundations of what later became the monastic community of Meteora.

You will learn about which monastery was the first to be established. Furthermore, you will hear stories about the true motivations behind the monks’ decision to try to climb the steep rocks of Meteora and why they decided to build the monasteries there.

Before your tour ends, you can have a meal in Meteora or in Kalambaka.

Did you know that the Metéora literally means something like "middle of the sky," "suspended in the air" or "in the heavens above"? It is etymologically related to meteorology and is a formation of immense monolithic pillars and huge rounded boulders (that look like hills), which dominate the local area.

In addition, Metéora is also associated with one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. It is seen as the second most important built complex only after Mount Athos.

This will be an unforgettable tour for you and your travel companion(s), so make sure to book the tour before your trip.

Thessaloniki: Guided Food Tour

If you would like to explore the traditional Greek cuisine you should get yourself a ticket to this tour; “Thessaloniki: Guided Food Tour”. Are you ready to be amazed?

This is your chance to wander around the city center of Thessaloniki while discovering all the Greek treasures in the local street markets at the same time. Here you will find a great selection of herbs and spices, as well as a broad variety of different meats and cheese.

You will find a huge offering of herbs and spices along the way through the street market. They will for sure excite your senses. The amazing selection of meat and cheese goods will also please even the most demanding tastes. Along the way, the smell of fresh roasted Greek coffee will often follow your path, which will then lead you to one of the oldest traditional coffee houses in Greece.

Once the tour group is gathered at the meeting point, the tour will begin towards the first stop for a traditional Greek breakfast. Here you will be served "bougatsa" which is a filo pastry filled with cream. They are served hot and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Afterward, you will walk across the open markets to explore famous areas such as “Louloudadika”.

Your final stop at the tour around the street market will be at “Solomonidis” place. Here you can look forward to a delicious goodbye, where you will have Gyros or s´Souvlaki for lunch. For those unfamiliar with this classic Greek dish, you might like to know that Gyros and Souvlaki will come along with French fries, delicately wrapped in pita bread.

So, get ready for a tasty tour around the many delicious offerings at this Greek street market.

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